Hiking events

Backpacking September 27-29. A great trip with wonderful people.  I am again amazed at how healing and energizing contact/dialogue is with self and other.  Thank you folks for the journey.

Hiking trip Saturday October 19 to the Pinnacle.    


Hiking with Heightened Awareness

In nature we can experience the high of great views and the depths of the deep valley.  Through Hiking with Heightened Awareness we will experience nature first hand as we also turn inward to our own heights and depths.  We will see ourselves in the water as it courses over the rocks and sits in deep pools.  We will see our own great vista  and expansiveness.  Nature is to be seen and enjoyed as well as moved into to be one with.  We will look at the trail and mountain as a journey and place/space of being and not something to be conquered.  Heraclitus said, “you can never step in the same river twice”.  A discovery in nature and within us is always more powerful when shared with others  Let’s discover together as we journey.