Hiking with Heightened Awareness

In nature we can experience the high of great views and the depths of the deep valley.  Through Hiking with Heightened Awareness we will experience nature first hand as we also turn inward to our own heights and depths.  We will see ourselves in the water as it courses over the rocks and sits in deep pools.  We will see our own great vista  and expansiveness.  Nature is to be seen and enjoyed as well as moved into to be one with.  We will look at the trail and mountain as a journey and place/space of being and not something to be conquered.  Heraclitus said, “you can never step in the same river twice”.  A discovery in nature and within us is always more powerful when shared with others  Let’s discover together as we journey.


About Jay M Burkholder

I love being in nature and find many metaphors for living life fully in contact with myself and others. I am licensed with a Master degree in Social Service and trained as a Gestalt Therapist. My specialties are children, youth and parenting as well as recovery from childhood trauma. I love living in the moment and work with whatever is presented.

5 responses to “Hiking with Heightened Awareness”

  1. tinaburkholder says :

    wow!! What a great start to an awesome webpage!!

  2. JRA says :

    Jay, you are speaking from your experience and heart. I know this because you re-introduced to the woods to me by showing me those lovely vistas and camping spots. Thank you for all those times and for allowing our trails to cross in so many wonderful ways. From my vista here I see many more crossings.

  3. Karen Goren says :

    Glorious! I have deep respect for your work, Jay, and am inspired by what you offer to others in the world. Many are blessed by your presence and your deep connection with nature. Best wishes,

  4. Colleen says :

    Love the website Jay & love you! Colleen

  5. Pat says :

    Brilliant combination that feeds the body, the soul, and the mind!

    If you want to combine the excitement and beauty of backpacking with fascinating conversation, go with Jay on one of his camping trips. From the details of what to bring (right down to the perfect boots), to the actual experience of hiking up the mountain, Jay is the perfect guide. And as if the beauty, scenery, and good company weren’t enough, Jay uses Gestalt techniques to enhance the experience.

    If you want a memorable weekend that includes beautiful scenery, sleeping under the stars, and opening your mind, join Jay on one of his trips.

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