Hiking events

Backpacking September 27-29. A great trip with wonderful people.  I am again amazed at how healing and energizing contact/dialogue is with self and other.  Thank you folks for the journey.

Hiking trip Saturday October 19 to the Pinnacle.    


About Jay M Burkholder

I love being in nature and find many metaphors for living life fully in contact with myself and others. I am licensed with a Master degree in Social Service and trained as a Gestalt Therapist. My specialties are children, youth and parenting as well as recovery from childhood trauma. I love living in the moment and work with whatever is presented.

One response to “Hiking events”

  1. Raquel Tilley says :

    Going on this trip was of great significance for me, it tested my endurance and will . With Jay’s support along with Zack’s and Dan I learned that I can do anything if I believe in myself. Conquering that mountain helped me find innerself. This was an unbelievable experience, being at the top of that mountain gave me assurance that there is no way creation happened by accident, there was a master creator in charge of it. The beauty I saw placed me in touch with my spiritual self and I will be forever greatfull for the opportunity to experience it. Thank you guys for a marvelous weekend..

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